Jesse’s Jaw Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Hi, my name is Jesse. I live in Gainesville, Georgia. Dr. Simonton did a number of procedures on me — he took out my wisdom teeth, he removed molars, and I also had orthognathic surgery. Growing up, I’ve always had a pretty big overbite. It made it to where I couldn’t close my mouth when I was sleeping, and it also was more of an aesthetic thing, sort of a self-confidence thing that got fixed as well. I also had a deviated septum, so Dr. Simonton went in there all at once and fixed all those things. Now, I’m able to close my mouth when I’m sleeping so my gums don’t dry out. I’m able to breathe at night also when I’m sleeping because of that deviated septum that he fixed. Him and his staff have been amazing, and anybody in the Gainesville area — whether it be Athens, whether it be Watkinsville, Buford — if you need any kind of implants done or any kind of wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Simonton is the best, and he’s treated me well every time I’ve seen him, and he’ll treat you well, too.



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