Dr. Simonton Corrected Marisol’s TMJ Problems and Removed Her Wisdom Teeth

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Hi, I’m Marisol. I’m from Gainesville, Georgia. I had my wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Simonton. I also had jaw surgery by Dr. Simonton. Before the jaw surgery, my mouth couldn’t open as wide, and it was very hard to chew, very hard to eat. I could only open it about a finger or two. I came in, and he basically said that my jaw was dislocated, so we got surgery done, and the surgery basically put my jaw back into place. After that, you get in, like, a therapy machine, and I’m now able to open my mouth three fingers, which is the normal length that you’re supposed to open it. I’m now able to eat everything — for example, a Big Mac or the pizza crust — and it doesn’t hurt, so he did a very great job. I really like Dr. Simonton!



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