Jaw Surgery Reviews

When jaws develop incorrectly or at different rates, they can often become misaligned and start causing a host of issues. Misaligned jaws can cause pain, difficulty chewing, smiling, talking, and even breathing. Fortunately, there is a wide range of treatments available for jaw misalignment. In more severe cases, corrective jaw surgery is often recommended. Jaw surgery can correct your bite and improve your ability to eat, smile, speak, and breathe! A bonus of jaw surgery is often an improved appearance.

Dr. Simonton is an expert at performing jaw surgery, and he has corrected many patients’ jaws. Many of our patients were so happy with the results after their jaw surgery that they wanted to share them on our website. Each testimonial video below features a patient or a parent of a patient discussing their positive experience with our office. Hear more about jaw surgery and what to expect by watching the videos below!


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